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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Not even going to attempt to blog anymore!

Here is a more recent picture of my family.  Just wanted to write that I never use this blog and will probably not post on if for a while.  Just don't  have the time for it, it was a good thought. :)
I'll just keep it around so I can check in with everyone elses blogs and make the occasional comment!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby # 4 and it's a beautiful GIRL!!

We are so happy to present our beautiful Evelyn Olga Loraine!
Named after a grandmother, my mother, and Doug's mother. Our angels!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Apple tree and canning!

This year our apple tree was exploding with apples!!! I felt obligated to do something with them. Canning this year turned out to be more time consuming then I thought it would be!

Here is some apple juice that I juiced in my aunts steamer juicer!

Here are some pears (I didn't have much of those).

Here is some apple sauce! There are like 4 lbs of apples to a jar!

Here is some apple pie filling.

Some apple butter.

Grape Jelly.

Here is my grape juice! Again, thanks to my Tia Lula for the concord grapes and juicer!

Home made salsa!!! This was a great recipe, with lime not vinegar!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Garden!!

Over all we have had a great harvest! Huge carrots, yummy lettuce, peas (while they lasted), beets, lots of herbs, tomatos, cucumber, bell pepper, squash, and the pumpkins are still growing.
Now comes the stressfull event of canning!!!When did I become such a Molly Utah Mormon???

Here are some more pictures of the boys planing the seeds back in April!

Friday, April 24, 2009

gardening part four

Almost ready for planting!!
I painted the shed (aka the JSB) and the patio wall. Put grid on one box so I can garden by the square foot and netting so my plants can grow up!

gardening part three

Here is the suv full of compost that we got at our city compost place! Can you imagine how much work this was??

Here I am with a rototiller we borrowed!

Garden box 1 and garden box 2

Looking better.

gardening part two

Hauling away old leaves and wood!

We chain sawed down the old crazy tree that was hidden between the sheds.

Yahoooo!! Someone took up my offer on craigslist and took our shed away!

gardening part one

So this is our ugly garden spot. Lots of old wood and an old shed or two!

Our seeds and little pods! It was still cold outside but we were anxious!

The seasons of our Maple Tree!

Posted by PicasaThe first picture is late Summer. Then on to Fall, with an early snow. I put a picture of my kids playing in the snow because I forgot to take a picture of our bare maple loaded down with snow! The last picture was just taken today. Spring buds are showing!