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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doug is running for President!

I woke up Sunday morning to find this on our lawn! Many of our neighbors have pledged their vote! The candidate would like to know if he can count on you too. Please comment!

October Activities!

Weenie roast with the Jones home in Lehi!

At the Vineyard pumpkin patch and corn maze with cousins Kade, Kacy, and Mason!

Amber taught about littering and recycling in Joy School last week. She put trash all over her lawn! The kids had to clean up after the "litter bug"!

Doug took the boys up the Canyon to see if they could find some snow. They found some!

Here is Josiah playing flag football! He is the one with the black beanie.

My old mission comp Hermana Gotze (AKA Naomi Witcher) came to visit me with her 2 beautiful children!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall is here and Winter is well on it's way!!

It hit 40 degrees over the weekend. We spent almost $300 to get the furnace going again. My garden is dead and there are flurries in the air. I busted out my boots and sweaters. I put away all the shorts and am now doing inventory on the kids' winter clothes. New Coat for Josiah, Socks for Ezra and Zeke, ski jumper for Ezra, light jacket for Zeke, new boots for Josiah and Ezra....
It is bittersweet. We did have 3 fires in our fire place this weekend and drank lots of hot chocolate. On Sunday Doug took the boys for a drive up the canyon to see some of the snow that stuck! They are excited!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Josiah just started Basketball!!

Josiah made three 2 pointers today!!! Whoooo, hoooooo! Watching 2nd graders play basketball is way more fun than the Lakers!

Our maple tree starting to change and Harvesting our apple tree!

Here is our maple tree again!! The tips of the leaves are just turning yellow!

Here is Zeke by some of the apples we picked. We trimed our apple tree just in April so we did not get alot of fruit this year. Just enough to make apple sauce but no canning this year!
Zeke was eating his bird feeder and taking bites out of all the apples!
Ezra with our ghost!
Josiah with our new fruit picker!!

Joy School in October.

This month we are learning about our amazing earth! We learned about seeds, and seasons, and plants. We picked Carrots from our garden and ate them! Then we learned about animal and what they do for us. Those things Zeke and Ezra are holding are bird feeders we made out of pine cones!

Good-bye to Grandpa!

Zeke really warmed up to him!

October. Crazy boys wresting and cuddleing with Grandpa!

Some one on one pictures of my boys and Grandpa!

Here is Josiah watching an Angels game with Grandpa. Josiah got very into it. He was very interested in everything Grandpa had to say about it. Good thing there were no sware words!

My boys wrestle most all the time and Even Zeke can hold his own!!

We had a wonderful Family home evening with Grandpa. He shared his experience when he was baptized! After, my kids gave him some hugs. He is lucky they don't wrestle him...although they get quite a running start on those hugs!

My Daddy and me at General Conf Oct 2008!

I am very lucky that my Dad comes to visit me 2 times a year!! Every conference he has a mission Reunion and we get to have him for a whole week! We love him!!!

I got my Dad to make some funny faces at the camera with me!!! ha,ha!