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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our maple tree just on the verge of bursting into beautiful color!

Fall is just around the corner! Here is our lovely maple tree. I want to document as it changes!

Getting love from Ezra and Zeke as we check out the pumpkins growing on our porch!

I am so in love with my boys! Arn't they BEAUTIFUL?!

Joy School gingerbread boys!

As part of

our lesson on "Our Bodies" we made Gingerbread Boys!

Yuba Lake!

Jonas and Josiah!

Amanda driving the boat!

Melisse with sleeping Carter.
On the boat!

All the boys on the boat!

Ezra and I being pulled behind the boat!

Our camping trip to Yuba Lake with the Booths and the Myers! 9/12-9/13

We had a fun overnight camp out with our good friends and neighbors! Josiah and Jonas listening to music, try'n to be cool! Zeke by the fire.
Josiah, Ezra, and Miles!

Me, Ezra, Melisse, and Rob in the morning.

Our first day of Joy School!

Some of my good friends/neighbors decided to start a Joy School for our little ones! The 1st one was at my house and I made our basement into a little pre-school area. It is so much fun, I love the Joy School curriculum.

Here is our little Joy School house, rule pictures, and Joy Boy!

My new hair cut! yikes!

Cool! You can see my haircut and not my face!

Me with my 3 favorite MTC District Elders!

Wow, has it really been 10 years???

So Elder Ruban Rebalkin (the one in the Tux) just got married and Elder Jeremy Hill (the one in turquoise) had a little party for him! Ruban is from Canada, so it was so cool to see him! Elder Christopher Loper (on the Left) also came, and it was sooooo good to see him again! These 3 made the MTC (missionary training center) so much fun!! I love them!
We went ice skateing for fun!!

Even Zeke can slide around!

Josiah's 1st day of 2nd grade!!

Ezra and Zeke picking tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, and squash from our little garden!!