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Sunday, December 7, 2008

I have decided to put most of my pic's on facebook!

Josiah's Baptism!!

With Aunts and Uncles!

Grandparents and Tia Lula and Tio Larry.

Family picture with our sweet boy after he was baptized!

Doug and Josiah before he was baptized!

We had a Beautiful baptism day!! Josiah had two aunts, grandpa, and grandma on Doug's side that flew in especially for his baptism! Then my sweet sister Yvonne, her whole family and my Dad drove in for it! Then we had more aunts and uncles here locally that came! Josiah, Ezra, and their cousins sang "When I am baptized", and my sister and I gave talks.
Josiah was very happy! It was a good day! I know my mommy Olga and my husbands' mommy Loraine were there too!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Josiah is my amazing reader!

So I have to brag, since my little boy just turned 8!
In just the past month he has read all 5 spiderwick books and the first 2 Harry Potter books!

He finally got the new skate board he'd been wanting and he is quite good!

But most importantly he has decided to get baptized this next Saturday!
We are all so excited!

Josiah's Birthday at the BYU bowling center!

We had a blast! I love BYU!

Seasons of Change

Here is our tree currently.

Here is our tree after a slight temperature drop.

Here is our tree with beautiful color on a much warmer day.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our maple tree is slowly turning yellow!

Carving pumpkins, Shaveing Ezra's head, and Halloween!

Josiah had to dress as a "Tall Tale" for school. He was a very cute John Henry!

Ezra was Mace Windu (a member of the Jedi council), Zeke was Yoda, and Josiah was a Clone trooper. He wanted a costume with a weapon.

Zeke getting the ghost with his light saber!

With our neighbors Jared and Gavin.

All of us with my little sis in law Sarah and her baby flower Olivia, and our little friend Nick.

So as Halloween approaches I only worry about what costumes my kids will wear but on Halloween day I think "Oh, maybe we should dress up too"!
I managed to make up a princess Leah and Doug was, I guess, Obi Wan with a robe and blue light saber.

We found a Darth Vader at the church party.

Yoda and Mace took him on!!

Shaving Ezra's head so he could really play the part of Mace Windu! Zeke was sad!

Carving Pumpkins with a good neighborhood friend, Nick.

We Put cool lights in them!

Zeke wearing his cool engrish shirt!

BYU game and April's birthday tea party!

We watched the Cougars scrape out a win against UNLV! Zeke can sing the Cougar fight song already!
Rah, Rah, Rah Rah Rah Goooooo Cougars!

A fun and Yummy Halloween Tea party for my sister in law April!

Joy School Halloween party and trip to the corn maze

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doug is running for President!

I woke up Sunday morning to find this on our lawn! Many of our neighbors have pledged their vote! The candidate would like to know if he can count on you too. Please comment!