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Friday, April 24, 2009

gardening part four

Almost ready for planting!!
I painted the shed (aka the JSB) and the patio wall. Put grid on one box so I can garden by the square foot and netting so my plants can grow up!

gardening part three

Here is the suv full of compost that we got at our city compost place! Can you imagine how much work this was??

Here I am with a rototiller we borrowed!

Garden box 1 and garden box 2

Looking better.

gardening part two

Hauling away old leaves and wood!

We chain sawed down the old crazy tree that was hidden between the sheds.

Yahoooo!! Someone took up my offer on craigslist and took our shed away!

gardening part one

So this is our ugly garden spot. Lots of old wood and an old shed or two!

Our seeds and little pods! It was still cold outside but we were anxious!

The seasons of our Maple Tree!

Posted by PicasaThe first picture is late Summer. Then on to Fall, with an early snow. I put a picture of my kids playing in the snow because I forgot to take a picture of our bare maple loaded down with snow! The last picture was just taken today. Spring buds are showing!