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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wow!!! I can see their faces again!!

Josiah got a little bob first! I think the end result is quite handsome!! .....I had to do it...Josiah starts school tomorrow :(

I finally cut Josiah and Ezra's hair!!!! And a little on Zeke too!

The "BEFORE" pictures!!

Josiah was able to make his own mini arches with a stick and some soft sand stone! On our way home we decided to use our 4x4 power and took a crazy road home!! It was bouncy to say the least! We were glad we did though because we passed a sign marking an area with real Dinosaur foot prints!!!

Mesa Arch in CanyonLands and Sand Dune Arch in Arches!

Ballanced Rock with the moon behind it. Me and my kids in a stong gust of wind- those are specks of sand! At Dead Horse point, over looking the canyon!

At the Dubble Arch and Balanced Rock!

and more!

The Window Arches!

More pic's in Arches!

Next on to Moab and Arches!

We camped in a cute little cabin in the city of Moab and just drove into Arches each day. It was a great camp and we even had a pool to swim in.

First day we hike through Park Ave. You can see my boys in front of "the 3 gossips".

Second day we hiked Devils Garden and saw Tunnel Arch, Pine Tree Arch, and the huge Landscape Arch. We also saw the famous Delicate Arch from a distance. It was too hot by then to keep hikeing.

Third day we hiked in the late afternoon to the North and South windows! Those were beautiful, we could walk right through the North window! We also went to the Dubble Arch, which was my favorite!! It was huge and open and we could hike right into it! Lastly we saw balanced rock!

Fourth day we went to Dead horse point and Canyonlands National park! Both had amazing views of the whole canyon with the Green and Colorado rivers running through it.

Our fifth day, Sunday, we went to church and had a picnic lunch in Arches. We did one last walk to Sand Dune Arch. It was beautiful and shady, our kids played there a long time!

Our vacation to Moab, Arches,CanyonLands, Capital Reef, and Goblin Valley!!

We first stayed in Goblin Valley. Camping was hot but we pitched our tent in between walls of castle like rocks!! Our boys climbed in between them into little caves and cracks all day! We also hiked the valley where it's like a field of crazy mushroomlike climbable rocks!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Trip to Cali in a nut shell!